Brighton & Hove Speakers Club

Starting your first project

Navigate to Base Camp by choosing Pathways > Go to Base Camp on the menu.

Menu Navigation to get to Pathways
If you are presented with the Pathways welcome page, click on “Go to Base Camp”.
Button to click to access Base Camp
Your current path will be displayed under “Paths and Learning” in Base Camp. View the path details and projects by clicking on the “Open Curriculum” action or button.
Button to click to access your path
Button to click to access your path
Your Level 1 projects will be listed with the Ice Breaker at the top. Activate and launch the online training by clicking the button next to the project.
Button to click to launch a project

The training module will pop up in a new window or tab. Resize the window if necessary and follow the on-screen instructions.

You can try out the Ice Breaker learning materials on this link .

Shows the first page of the Icebreaker level one project on Pathways